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                About Us

                About us

                SHENZHEN WOTE ADVANCED MATERIALS CO.,LTD is established in 2001 and engaged in product research & development, production, technical service and related international trade of special performance polymer materials and environmental friendly engineering plastic. Wote owns three manufacturing location as well as R&D Center. In addition, we have the imported production line that focuses on WP、BUSS、LEISTRITZ、TOSHIBA and so on.

                With development and accumulation of many years, Wote rewarded many honors and certificates such as National High Technology Expertise, outstanding enterprise of China Innovation & ... MORE

                Brand Advantages

                Branded advantages

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                CORE VALUE

                Core value

                The international first-class technology research and development team composed by the famous experts and professors at home and abroad not only provides the industry forward-looking high technology content products, but also solves the technical problems for the industry personnel, provides the technical consultation and the technology introduction. As the initiator of China's first 10,000-ton PPE synthesis project, walter filled the gap of China's PPE synthesis project with the technical difficulties of the integration project. This research and development team has accumulated abundant applied technologies in long-term market activities, and successfully solved the problems of customers in the industry for many times. In particular, it pioneered the ind...


                News Information




                WOTE chairman Miss Wu Xian was sele...

                    November 21, 2013, a good new comes from Shenzhen Enterprise Confederation and Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association: chairman Mi...



                WOTE has Determined the Academy Coo...

                    To speed up the progress of science and technology,enhance the power of enterprise development and ETIC;to promote the combination...



                Mr. He Zheng with Mayor Xu Qin delega...

                   2014, 20 to 25 March, Mr He Zheng, the founder of WOTE, as a well-known entrepreneur in Shenzhen, with thedelegation of Shenzh...



                Mr. He Zheng with Mayor Xu Qin delega...

                   2014, 20 to 25 March, Mr He Zheng, the founder of WOTE, as a well-known entrepreneur in Shenzhen, with thedelegation of Shenzh...


                地址:Building 10, zhiheng strategic emerging industrial park, second road, nantou pass, nanshan district, shenzhen



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